25 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2024

101 Days

Motorcycle highlights at the Kilomètre Lancé

 Kilomètre Lancé will be a time travel through motorcycle history.

There are only five starting places left for the motorcycles!

Dear friends of the Kilomètre Lancé,

we have wished for such a special spectrum: With the starting number 1, the Brough Superior SS100 takes the 1000-meter sprint under its wheels. Until the Second World War, motorcycles with the 70 hp twin were considered the world's fastest and best-manufactured machines. The brand became famous through the British colonel, spy and writer T. E. Lawrence. The fanatical sportsman and motorcyclist had acquired seven new Brough Superior in twelve years, covering up to 800 kilometers a day on his numerous journeys.

Ewan Cameron brings the 1926 superbike from England to Engadin Airport near St. Moritz to compete with Udo Dobzansky's Harley Davidson "Twocam" or the Indian "Daytona".

The spectrum of motorcycle participants at the opening event of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week is enormous: Nick Heer normally sprints on dry salt with the Young Guns-Triumph "Cheetah Mk 2" at the Bonneville Speed Week in the US state of Utah. In September, he will demonstrate the potential of his bike at Engadin Airport and, after his training runs, will compete in a show run against architect David Martin with his Ford Hot Rod.

Bursting with power is also the current LCR Sidecar of Darren Hope. Normally fighting for seconds in the world-famous TT races on the Isle of man, the racer has also won the world's most dangerous motorcycle race three times. "We are proud that renowned representatives of the world's venues for speed come the long way to us," acknowledges event manager Tobias Aichele the participation commitments.

Overall, the Kilomètre Lancé will be a time travel through motorcycle history. In addition to Benelli, Ducati and MV Agusta, two Münch Mammut with NSU TT engines will also be on the starting line, recalling not only the advent of big bikes in the seventies, but also Gunter Sachs, who lived in St. Moritz for a time. His extroverted lifestyle made him a prototype playboy in the 1960s and 1970s. His fleet of vehicles included a Münch Mammut, which was what really made the exclusive brand famous. 

But the topics of alternative drive concepts and design will also play a major role in the motorcycles. Arnold Wagner will present his PERAVES MonoRacer with electric drive. The rider sits in an aerodynamically shaped cabin. Uwe Koenzen will demonstrate design and performance with his Ducati FlatRed. The bike, built by JvB Moto, has already won several design awards. And, Customizer Dirk Oelerking has announced the absolute design hammer based on the BMW R 18 and has only revealed this much: "It will also be the longest BMW motorcycle in Europe."


For more information about the event, visit www.kilometre-lance.com . All six events of the Intern. St. Moritz Automobile Week are summarized on the community homepage www.i-s-a-w.com.

There are only five starting places left for motorcycles. The entry form is attached!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tobias Aichele






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